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Toronto Maple Leafs
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Thursday, January 8th, 2004

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Alright, folks. Here's a biggie.

Sundin is not playing, Belak is out for 6 weeks (wah-wahhh) and Kaberle's out for 2-4 weeks (shit), so now we gotta work twice as hard. The Leafs KNOW this!

For anyone who's attending tonight's match-up, be cautioned as rivalry fans will spill beer on one-another.

Ottawa is holding string, and they ARE a good team. But still, let's show the Sens how the Buds do this in T.O.

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My Most Hated Team Is Coming Tonight
Being a Leafs fan all my life, it only makes sense that the team I should loathe the most of all teams should be the Montreal Canadiens. This is the discipline, if you're a Habs fan you hate the Leafs, and if you're a Leaf fan you hate the Habs. There is even a short movie about this written by the French-Canadian author Roch Carriere called The Sweater. It is only 15 minutes long, and Roch Carriere narrates his boyhood story about how he comes to terms with the allegiance of his favourite hockey team (The Habs) while being forced to wear a Leafs sweater (yeah!). Next time you are by the NFB at John and Richmond, pop in and they will let you see it for free, or buy it for $10.00 as I have and it is one of my favourite childhood story, even if it is about a Habs fan.

Now that being said, to this day my most hated team is not the Canadiens. I consider them a formidable rival, and sure there is enough animosity to cheer my ass off for the Leafs, however I respect the Habs far more than I respect the Senators. Yes, the Ottawa Senators are my most hated team, and this does not come from a recent trend of many people hating the team, this started eight years ago from when I went to Theater School in Ottawa. I saw how much the fans in Ottawa hated to Toronto, and were under the illusion that they actually had a good team. A team that is all discipline and finesse, a team that embraces the trap, and a team that runs away from any grit, or anyone dropping the gloves. Teams like Ottawa are ruining the game of hockey, and I know they are not alone, but I would rather the Nashville Predators win a cup rather than Ottawa Senators.

I will say this much for Ottawa, their fans are amazing. They cheer louder than any other building, they make the ACC look like a funeral is going on.

Now that I got that out of the way, I hope Tie Domi makes Danny "Bonaduce" Alfredson shit his pants. I hope Roberts lets Smolinski know that the ice is indeed a hard surface, and I hope Ottawa comes into the building tonight reminded that Leafs have ousted them everytime in the Playoffs and should they meet again this year, Ottawa may as well buy great golfing gear because they will be on the green again after facing the Blue and White.


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Okay Leaf fans,

No Kaberle,
No Belak (big deal!)
No Sundin,
No Nolan,
No Mogilny,
and....no Belfour

Bite the bullet and throw me a prediction! How do you see it in your blue and white crystal ball for tonight?

For me

It will be the Leafs winning 4-2. I see players like Nieuwendyk, Stajan, and Ponikarovsky being pivotal...

and you?

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Yes, I was bored :PCollapse )

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what the hell? what's going on with Kidd? I don't like this one bit!
Ugh, I am so glad "Friends" came on at 8pm, because I can't stand this slaughter. 5 - 0 could easily turn into 15 - 0. Just watch. Or don't . I can't decide what I'll do after Friends is over.

This sucks crap.

Current Mood: sad
Urgh, so close! Roberts' shot went off the goal post. Anyone else a bit surprised that Kidd's still in?

Oh well. They're playing a little stronger this time aorund.

And what the hell? There's some black box in the middle of the tv screen with :autMy ! IXWU(w/umlaut)D on it. Is that on anyone else's tv? Oh wait.. it's gone now.

Anyway. GO LEAFS GO!!!!
i need some help.. my cable company isnt airing the game. I just have one question... are the leafs even on the ice??? I think kidds pads are in front of the net and he is still in the dressing room waiting for the game to start..

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Ouch! That Stung...
I can't make any excuses for a 7-1 loss. My prediction, along with a few others wasn't anywhere close. But Leaf fans, don't get down, what did we really expect?

They could have played a little better, no they could have played a lot better. I would have expected a little more effort, and a loss isn't all that surprising. Think about it Sundin, Mogilny, Nolan, Kaberle, Belak, Belfour, all out! Can Ottawa really feel proud about a win like this? Alfredson mocking the whole Sundin thing is just pushing it, he's lucky Domi didn't shove that stick up his ass, and if I was Alfredson I would be watching my ass large the next game.

They lost 7-1 against Philly and they were able to move on, and that's what's going to happen. A 7-1 loss doesn't erase our being tied in points with the Red Wings for first over all. Nor does it erase us being 5 points ahead of the Senators, and 3 points ahead of the Flyers. Most of all Leaf Fans it will never erase Ottawa not being able to beat us when it counts.

If Ottawa can feel accomplished beating a team comprised of mostly St.John's Maple Leafs, well they better soak it up, because next time it will be a much different story. The season series is tied at 1 game a piece, chin up Leaf fans!


Current Mood: shocked
To all the people that booed Trevor Kidd, and criticize him for the loss I send a giant FUCK YOU! The fans at the ACC piss me off so much they are so strained when it comes to cheering, but when it comes to booing or razzing a goalie they are so quick give their shout-outs! UP YOURS! You back him through the two games against Pittsburgh, and Nashviller where he is solid, and you have the nerve to boo him tonight? Playing with a team that wasn't even there all game long? You have no business being at that game or supporting the team if you're gonna blame the loss on Kidder.

This game was not his fault! The man has played three back to back games, and he is a back-up goalie. This loss was his first, and last I checked the scoreboard for our side read 1 goal. Meaning while our defence did fuck all to protect Kidd, our offence did fuck all to even help their cause. Leave Kidder alone!

Current Mood: pissed off

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